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Originally Posted by craftycoder
I'm still confused about what happened. How did you bend the rims if your tires were fully inflated and you never hit any bumps and you never bottomed out the suspension? There must have been a precipitating event otherwise your bike would have just continued to melt into a puddle on your garage floor, right?

Put a zip tie on your front fork to check for suspension bottoming when you get your tires back. I mean no offense by asking, but are you a very large guy? Something has to explain this. Could the rims have been like that since you picked it up and you never noticed?
Yeah man, I technically was 'off-road' but I was not doing anything hardcore. We hit some ruts and bumps, but nothing that should ever have bent the rims. I really doubt they were bent when I picked it up as it is almost impossible to miss the one on the front especially. I will check the front fork, but I think I would have known if I bottomed it out. I raced dirt bikes from the time I could walk until I was 16.......this ride was a slow cruise on a dirt road. I am 6' tall and weigh ~200 lbs.
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