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Originally Posted by itsatdm
When you get your old rims back, I would revisit this issue with your dealer and if no results, insist on a discussion with their corporate rep. If there is a metal defect with the rims, they can certainly be tested and I would demand it.
On a side note, I recently hit a water rut 2ft across and a 1ft deep at 50 mph with enough force to dislodge my clip on tank bag with no damage.
To get any results with BMW you should exhaust all steps within the system. Like them or not, the key player is going to be your dealer. Talks of lawsuits or going over some ones head is just going to force them to marshal their forces against you. Statements from others, pictures of the crime scene and even referral to some of these threads of other's misadventures will be helpful. I know you are upset, but your best results will be achieved by being calm and business like.
If all that fails there will be plenty of time to blast them on the internet. At least that is what I hear
Good points man. I have not really pursued this with the dealer other than the one phone call. My dealership has been great to me in every interaction and I have nothing bad to say about them. When I get the rims back I will simply bring them in and see what they say. Lawsuits and such are not something I would seriously consider, I am just not that kind of guy. I kicked around seeing if I had any legal recourse, but at the end of the day it just does not sit right with me. If, when I bring the rims in, the dealership can do something, great. If not, oh well, it will not change my relationship with them. I am just frustrated with BMW. If it were my company and somebody were in this situation with my product, I would do whatever I had to do to ensure that person was happy. Especially in this Internet disgruntled customer could do a lot of PR damage if they were so inclined. Right now I am focused on planning the weekend trip.....Highway 1 from San Diego (well, we'll probably catch it north of LA) all the way to San Francisco....gonna be a blast. My bro will be on his 1200GS, I will be on my Harley. Leaving my house at 0600 tomorrow.....gonna be a sweet ride!
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