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Originally Posted by gr8ridn
I agree with itsatdm, have your damaged rims sent back. I would suggest while Woody has your wheels get his professional opinion of the damaged rims. Perhaps he can determine if your rims are improperly heat treated or machined compared to the other BMW rims he has worked on. Having the original rims sent back is a good idea. This could be your best evidence for a settlement of the issue if they are outside production specifications. Remember warranty strictly covers manufacturing defects. It doesn't cover damage due to use that can not be quantified, there are too many variables that can't be corroborated. Carefully read your warranty. A calm even handed approach will likely net more than a rant.
You say you are a military person. Think chain of command and that will be a good start. Service Writer, Service Manager, General Manager, Dealer Owner, BMW Regional Rep, BMWNA. Don't skip ahead until all reasonable effort has been exhausted at each level. Document all discussions and actions so it can be forwarded to the next level up. PITA I know, but this has the best chance of working in your favor.

Doing everything you can think of to bad mouth BMW until you have exhausted all reasonable means of correction is probably counter-productive.
All great points. Well taken. Thanks man.
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