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Originally Posted by JRWooden
This has been discussed a bit...

I don't think I have heard anything conclusive one way or the other...
Note that the price $12.90 is PER FOOT with 3' minimum, but it does come with money back guarantee........
The stock screen on my 05 955 Tiger caused the air flow to hit me right about eye level and created major buffeting.

I thought this stuff looked perfect. I only needed to move the air flow an inch or two.

If this stuff moved the air flow at all, it moved it somewhere between 1/8 and 1/4 inch.

It might have gotten the air flow up to between eyebrow and eyelash level but it did not help.

I really do not think it helped at all. The buffeting was just as bad after installing this stuff as it was with the bare windshield.

09 F800GS ABS Yellow/Black

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