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Thanks for the feedback all. Yes, one side is compression and the other rebound.

If I bounce the front end up and down and take the adjustment knobs from full open to full close, you can feel a difference. But when actually riding, the performance range is not very pronounced.

I think the part that is missing is the high speed circuit. I would like to be able to soften it up for the sharp inputs like when riding washboard roads and then stiffen it back up for larger whoops and aggressive off road riding. Looks like that is not to be for now. I would welcome the chance to work with others on the ADV Forum and Traxxion to get this AK-20 system dialed in with a adjustment range that matches the range of usage of this bike and ADV riders. I will be talking with Traxxion guys next week and I am planning an ride Easter weekend in Nashville area. I will be senting forks back after that for an adjustment if they agreed there is any room in making them better.

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