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Originally Posted by XTwarrior
Ya, I hope it works out too. We were shopping for a new car for her Monday, then she got laid off Tuesday. nice big kick in the nuts for us :(

The previous owner wrecked it in a head on collision so the frame was bent when we got it. Finally got it hammered out so my pegs aren't aligned in opposite directions

Also figured out why my case cover is has NO gasket on, just copper sealant I'll just ignore the part where I'm the fool who put the copper sealant on when I lost the gasket and didn't want to order a new one.....

To prep a gasket surface, i want to razorblade and then finish up with alcohol? What type of alcohol?

I like to use plastic scotchbrite pads in isoprpyl or methyl hydrate to prep the surface. One slip with the blade and you could score the surface and create a leak. A piece of acrylic sharpened on one end works good as a scraper without the risk of damaging the aluminum mating surfaces. That is what we use in the aviation industry where one slip can ruin a whole wing!
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