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That is one sharp looking XT goodcat! Makes mine look like a junk pile on wheels

Bart, I used a wood wedge to scrape the surface clean, then took 600 grit to it to clean it off and finished up with some MAF air sensor cleaner to remove all oil/dirt. Just took her for a 45 minute ride and beat on it as hard as I comfortably could and she didn't yield. Also, no engine leaks!

Also, this is a handy measuring cup I got from Bed Bath and Beyond (what? they are the only place that I could find something like this!). It measures in ounces, and has a hole with a trigger plug in it that makes it easy to measure out fluids. Works great too!

2006 SV650 Nudie/ZX14 shock/Delkevic 225mm silencer/Fender Elminiator
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