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Originally Posted by ganshert
I pulled the trigger on an FE570
Now why would you do that? It's a good bike!

Oh wait, you mean you bought one. Okay. ;)

The subframe is a completely new design. It's plastic. So being curious I wanted to pull it off and check it out. It's very strong and very light. It also appears that the engineers had originally intended it to hold fuel as it's made from the same material as the tank and is hollow. Also leading me to believe it's more than coincidence is that the angles and location and type of mounting of the fuel pump will make is very easy to connect a pickup from the subframe to the input of the fuel pump I've got parts on order to do this and there will be lots of pics. Just so it's clear this wasn't my idea. Lots of people have done it with success, some with failure. In the back of my mind I keep thinking that there is a reason the engineers at Husaburg killed the plan to put fuel in it so hoπefully I don't find out why in a huge ball of flame. 70 Degree Racing makes an awesome subframe tank that is a bolt on replacement for the stock subframe. Unfortunately they aren't yet available so I'm going to play around with the stock one and maybe get lucky.
I am going to save mine to be used as a possible water tank. Easier to seal for that (water is not near the solvent that gas is, and if it leaks no biggie).

Here are some pics. Pay particular attention to the tank and airbox setup. All the dark gray plastic is the stock 2.2 gallon tank. The airbox is centered high up inside the tank. Deep water crossings should never be an issue.
The different color is because this is a different plastic from the subframe now. On the first year they were the same color. Husaberg/KTM changed it so the plastic would not outgas so they could meet emissions standards in Calif.

Also not that Aqualine now provides two aux. tanks. One is a front tank that replaces the shrouds around the stock tank. One is a rear saddle tank. Between the Aqualine tanks, the 70 Deg. Racing tank, and the stock tank you get almost 8 gallons of capacity, and you can mix/match as you need for different riding. I intend to get the 70 Deg. Racing tank first, then the saddle tank. Maybe later the front tank.

The one thing I don't like about the plastic subframe is that it is plastic. If I ever have to tow someone I can attach to it - I would probably tear it off the bike. Not sure how I can a tow strap/line into and around the main frame either. I'll have to think about that.

Also noted that as soon as that engine is spinning that feeling of heaviness completely disappears. It handles very well at slow speeds and kind of goes where your thinking.
That was one of the surprises when I first rode it home from the dealer - you just have to barely think about turning and the bike turns. It can surprise you because it does it before you expect it. The downside is that the bike is a bit 'twitchy above 50MPH on the pavement and increases as you go faster. Now mine has the 19 deg. offset and I think yours has the 22 deg. offset, so it would be interesting to hear your thoughts on that. I put a damper on for off-road riding anyway and leave it on the slowest setting for street and that removed any twitchiness anytime on pavement, indeed, it is maybe a bit too much until you get used to it. I then tweak it a bit up when I hit the trails depending on where I am riding

No cam chain noise, yet. Same adjuster as the KTMs so I expect some as the chain breaks in. I've got a Dirt Tricks tensioner in the parts bin that will go in as soon as the engine is broke in.

I'll post more as I get work done and the first dirt ride in.
I've heard people mention this, but I have about 800 miles on my bike and no problems yet.
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