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Originally Posted by ganshert
I read that too but I thought it was a different formula of the same plastic. Some even said it was a coating but that doesn't seem right as it's the same color inside and out.
Most probably not a coating. Might be a slight difference in the formulation of the plastic, I can't say. I just know that they changed it in some way to meet emissions.

The Aqualine tanks aren't even an option (for me) because of the price. Plus I only want about 3+ gallons anyway.
I tend to buy such things in steps. I will get the subframe tank and see how that works for me, but as thirsty as the bike is I can easily see there will be times when I want to carry more. There are some rides I want to do where there will be more than 90 miles between places where fuel is available. I am assuming 25 to 30 MPG as worst case, because right now I get 32 MPG, and that is about par for the course according to others. I want to be able to go back into the back country more than 45 miles before I have to turn around, or to make a loop of more than 90 miles, etc.

Once the fuel is gone from the saddle tank, then its weight is inconsequential, plus it won't be a big deal to take it off or put it on for any given ride.

Right now I am unemployed, so I am keeping from buying any high ticket items that may mean I have one month less of cash to live on until I find another job, but once I get a job I have a big list of stuff to get for the bike.

I never tow using the subframe. Always from the footpeg.
I was thinking about how to do it. I can't remember the last time I towed someone or had to be towed. Maybe 30 to 40 years ago. But I am building up a list of things to carry, and one of those was a tow strap or line. Yesterday I was in Harbor Freight and they noticed they had 20 feet of Samson braided 1/2" line so I got that - all their tow straps were too big and heavy. Twenty feet really isn't long enough to tow, especially if you have to arrange something around the footpegs as a harness, but I figure that each person would carry half the line, the tower and the towee.

I saw that they changed the offset for 2010. I've never ridden an 09 but I'll let you know how mine compares to other bikes. I never felt the need for a damper on the 250 but put one on my XR650R almost immediately.
Eliminating the street twitchiness was not my primary reason for the damper - I want to fight the front end less on technical trails where rocks and roots and stuff were working against me. It helped there.

I think it takes a while for the cam chain to loosen up but I think by 800 miles it aught to be as loose as it's gonna get. Anybody out there have any experience with KTM cam chain noise and when it showed up?
From what I have heard the problem is that the hydraulic adjuster gets stuck sometimes and then the chain is too loose.
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