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My first bike! $425, DETROIT, November, 1971. Had about 600 miles on it. Had it for 18 months and sold it to a cop for $350. Bought a new '73 Bighorn 350 for $900.

Check the carb, Genuine Yamaha Tuning kits had a 30mm instead of the stock 26mm.

The autolube pump took a dump on me and wiped out the piston and crank bearings. Ran pre-mix the rest of the time I had it. Didn't have the tools or skills to pull it down and do the work myself. I think the dealer got $150 to fix it.

There are two gears that mesh in the pump, and the bigger one stripped out. You could actually buy the gears back then and fix it. Take it apart and eyeball them, bummer to do all that work and kill the motor.

I saw another one at the '02 Vintage MX race at Hollister. They wanted $1800 for it, no lights or instruments.
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