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While these guys were driving from as far as half the country away from my house, I was at home, enjoying good, clean sunshine.

I was a late add to the party as the original plan(s) were very different. Here's the events leading to Day 0.

Day -14 (no clue I'm going to Baja)
My son and I had just done some offroad riding at one of the ORV parks in San Diego. I'd been working long hours and really wasn't up for a day, but Andrew had been so patient, and [appropriately] insistent, we went. What a great time.

My Husky hadn't been out in about 6 months. Consider what happened, and you'll see why I think taking this trip was extremely fortuitous! All this could have happened in Baja!

Literally 20 minutes into the ride, we're watching some folks give a steep sand uphill a try when I smelled gas. Some poor sod was in trouble.

Hey, wait, it's MY bike! Gas dripped down the rear left-hand petcock and pooled on the ground. It was not a slow leak. 3 drained gallons later (extra gas can and Suburban) and the gas level was below the crack. That left me 2 gallon capacity to enjoy the rest of the day. 1

While we were out there, we practiced our flat-track skills, both taking a few tumbles (Andrew tells me I biffed it 7 times). I keep my SPOT on my water-pack (backpack), and ended up riding on it for a few feet after one particularly good lowside. It looks rugged now, but still works just fine. The offroad helmet I ride with has seen its fair share of crashes, so any new scratches were not evident. LOL

Andrew is pretty new to the 65 (had a CRF 50) and made tremendous progress on his clutching skills. He also enjoyed lofting the front just about every chance he got! LOL

The rear shock has gotten spongy and easy to bottom, so I was taking it pretty easy on stuff I would normally keep the gas wicked on - especially the whoops. It's not terrible, but it's not good, but I haven't had the budget to send it in and is one reason the bike's been sitting so much.

That made it all the more surprising when, later that evening, as I'm manhandling the bike around the garage to move it out of the way and onto my stand to get the tank off, I realize it feels very familiar. Yes, the last time I'd felt this, someone had broken a subframe bolt on their Husky. In Baja.

Here's what both of my subframe bolts looked like. The broken one comes from the right side. The other bit had already vibrated itself out, so I was on Easy Street!

I swapped bolts using a handy-dandy-subframe-lifter-upper. It was dark, what do you expect from a flashless iPhone? Anyone from OBH read this? There's my magnet, making my freezer rad!

Here's what I found when I pulled the tank.

Day -10 (no plans to do Baja)
I called up to IMS, yes they had my tank. Yes, it was under warranty. Yaaay!! I'd be right up!

Work conspired against me, and I was not able to get there.

Day -4 (no plans to do Baja)
I made it up to IMS in Riverside and swapped tanks. Heck yes I rode up there on my K1200S...

Day -3 - the phone calls...
Gang: Hey, Eric, we've changed plans and are going to Baja so you can come!
Eric: Hell yeah! Errrrr, I'm not ready, my rear shock is toast, I'm not packed, I have 2 big presentations at work next week... Crap! I better get hopping!!

First up, the exhaust shield has decided it doesn't want to be part of the bike team... This fix lasted about 30 miles before being replaced with hose clamps. D'oh! Yep, lack of penetration on the weld.
But this is where Husky should have bolted the thing to begin with.

Some months ago I'd bought an extra set of TE610 wheels. The rear ended up being from a 450 or possibly a 510 (anyone need the bigger disc brake?), but worked fine when I swapped my disc over. So much for having an extra disc (anyone have one they want to get rid of cheap or trade for the other disc?)

Just a few days before, I'd finally mounted my Michelin dirt tire to the matching front wheel without carefully looking it over beforehand (trusting? Stupid? Both?). I'd done this to save the time of taking off my Pirelli Scorpion from my wheel. Earlier that day I'd ridden the Husky to work for a shakedown run and noticed the bars vibrated back and forth. And the speedo magnet was missing. Looking down at 50 (those radar things on the side of the road)... wow, it was pretty tweaked. Later that night, one of the gang pointed out it was also cracked.

It has been a few months since I'd bought the wheels from an inmate here, but someone's going to get an email later today anyways since they've just been sitting in a box (yes, my bad and I get what I get).

Back on with my original front wheel, adding a mid-thickness tube at the same time. I thought about swapping the regular tube out of the rear and just ran out of time.

So... yep - other than the tank and the subframe, the exhaust shield was the only thing that got fixed. Baja with a marginal rear shock. You know what? I didn't care!

Day -1
Here's Blake crashed on the guest house couch.

Now if only my garage looked like this EVERY day! (another quality iPhone pic. I promise they get better!)

I was super-jazzed to be going, but as of this pic, I still wasn't fully packed!

Plus I was only going down for 4 days out of the 10 available as I had work conflicts. But I was super-pleased to be making that as this bunch of pirates are a hoot to hang out with!
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