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GS = Gotta Suck

My front wheel looks something like yours, bent to hell from a ride in Death Valley. @ 30PSI

Get used to shitty BMW dealer service and warranty coverage denied, it comes with the GS at no extra cost.

My Bike:
Rear wheel bearings and hub failure- denied. cost me about $400
Front end steering head bearing failure- denied. cost me about $350
Front wheel bent- denied.
Broken chain the first day of purchase.
Add in these still unfixed/unexplained issues: two major oil leaks (still had the bent valve cover on it, though I've asked for it to be replaced) , stalling in the rain, random overheating, transmission slipping, stalling when left idling for more than 1 minute, and a gas gauge/computer system that I PAID for as an option doesn't work for shit even after being serviced twice. My bike was at a dealer for 6 weeks, with nothing but a bill and no answers at the end.

No love for BMW NA or it's network of shitty dealers here.

I feel the vast majority of GS owners idea of rough or long distance riding are quite different from mine.
25,000 miles in a matter of 6 months of riding, never holding back on the GS, it's my experience that BMW obviously DID NOT have the kinks worked out on the 09's, and should have supported the bike better, especially for us "BETA TESTERS".
I half expected to have a few issues with the brand new design bike, but the service and support I have had is just plain wrong.

To me it's obvious BMW's Adventure Marketing Department is far more skilled than the Adventure Machine Making Department....

On a positive note, the GS sure is a decent road bike.

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