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Leaving day.

Not much to report on the trip to Eric's. I cut out of work early to find Arno moaning & groaning about his damper not arriving in time for the trip. So after a few snide remarks about his lack of manhood and sexual tendency :ymca, he was raring to go. So we loaded up Shamoo and hit the road by about 7pm.

24 hours and ~1500 miles later we got to Eric's. No sign of Eric, but his family are there entertaining Blake. They looked VERY bored, and seemed to be glad of the distraction. Eric's daughters then proceed to inform Arno and I that Blake has been watching Hanna Montana all afternoon and has enjoyed it so much, he even watched one episode twice. They seemed a bit concerned that there Farther was going to be taking a trip with a man of this caliber.
After a great dinner, Eric arrives home and informs us he has not done his packing yet, then proceeds to rush about the house throwing miscellaneous items into his bags and top case, complaining he can't find what he needs. Arno and I just sit back, drink some beer and watch the show.
The Hana Montana excitement during the day must have been a bit too much for Blake, as he heads off to bed early, leaving just Arno and I to make fun of Eric. At about 11pm or so, Eric can't find his $15 wallmart tent he bought for our last Baja trip, so we head to Wallmart to buy another tent. Eric finds a $10 tent this time and can hardly hold his excitement back at this great purchase. (This purchase causes endless fun for me later on in the trip).

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