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Originally Posted by katbeanz
"Blake has been watching Hanna Montana all afternoon"

Hiya, Dean
hey, it's a Netflix house full of teenagers. What's a guy to do?

Then Eric made me sit thru half of Howard the Duck the day I got back, as if I hadn't had a rough enough day already

The paperwork mambo in Tecate was typical 'hurry up and wait', with a long uphill hike in MX boots thrown in to add to the pleasure.

So, my next pictures are when we were waiting for Arno (aka "I've fallen and can't pick up my bike") well south of La I'm waiting for y'all to catch up.

From Tecate, we took MX2 libre east to La Rumorosa for lunch and to top off the tanks before heading south.
Wish I'd gotten a picture of all the crap flying out of Eric's top box once we got on the dirt. I stopped and picked up some stuff that flew out, and he wondered where I was, so he turned around. He saw me motoring and figured all was ok - so he turns back around, flies off a berm and more stuff came flying out.
I stopped again to pick it up, thought we'd be doing this until he had nothing left to fall out of his topbox and I was carrying it all.
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