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The dealers in question and lot's of photo's documenting my issues are all in my RR.
It's not one dealer, it's more like 6 different dealers this bike has been to.
Chicago BMW being THE WORST experience and what really put me over the edge with my very negative attitude towards BMW brand, though there's more BS dealer experiences and dealings with BMW NA themselves too.
A&S BMW where I bought the bike denied the steering head bearings claim, and failed to find/fix the intermittent problems while having the bike for weeks.

Funny how the good experiences I've had don't really stand out.

I think the sourcing out parts theory is plausible, my BMW 12R has more than double the same kind of hard miles of the GS and not one issue.

I've been going through this like it/hate it thing with the GS for a while.
While it's hardly a dirt bike, it is a comfortable long distance tourer giving me some more off tarmac options than on my R.
Despite it popularity around here with all "ADV" riders... in reality the bike's resale value is for shit, especially with high miles and fair condition.
I know, I tried to sell it, it's just not realistic for me to lose 50% of what I spent.
Yeah, it's that bad... So I'm stuck with it.

Most of the ongoing issues I listed are intermittent, so I'm just waiting for them to surface again. Of course when a dealer has it, it's fine.
Since dealers have refused to warranty things like steering head bearings after my dumb ass has PAID for dealer service (dealers themselves checked the head bearings torque) all it's done is make me not want to spend a dime on service at a dealer, not buy ANY BMW products, and when given the opportunity tell whoever will listen to my story.

It's not that I believe this bike should be perfect since it's a BMW, a man made machine is a machine and will break. I just believe the company could have stood behind the product much, much better.

A few hundred dollars worth of bearings or labor has cost BMW many tens of thousands of my money I will NEVER spend with them in my lifetime.

More than likely I will invest in some good suspension and try to make the best of what I have with the Yellow Bitch, since the stock suspension is for shit, and not much better with the hyperpro springs I have.
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