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Originally Posted by ChiTown
My front wheel looks something like yours, bent to hell from a ride in Death Valley. @ 30PSI

Get used to shitty BMW dealer service and warranty coverage denied, it comes with the GS at no extra cost.

My Bike:
Rear wheel bearings and hub failure- denied. cost me about $400
Front end steering head bearing failure- denied. cost me about $350
Front wheel bent- denied.
Broken chain the first day of purchase.
Add in these still unfixed/unexplained issues: two major oil leaks (still had the bent valve cover on it, though I've asked for it to be replaced) , stalling in the rain, random overheating, transmission slipping, stalling when left idling for more than 1 minute, and a gas gauge/computer system that I PAID for as an option doesn't work for shit even after being serviced twice. My bike was at a dealer for 6 weeks, with nothing but a bill and no answers at the end.

Why on earth do you still have the bike with an experience like that?
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