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fyi BEHRS rims on F800GS vs the 1100/1150/1200 GS series X-laced wheels

Originally Posted by Mugwest
Behr is getting some hatin' in this thread, but it bears pointing out that the rims on the oilhead 11xxGS's must be some of the stoutest spoke rims ever issued. I have hit tarmac potholes dramatic enough to get me off the bike looking for squared rims, and aggressive curb hits are all in a day's work on my bike.
Possibly different alloy composition, but from here it looks like Behr make a quality rim
FYI,,,Behr Mfg's forte is building nifty coolers/radiators and stuff fo BMW and other manufacturers ,i have it on good first hand info that at the time Akront the venerable spanish rim manufacturer went out of business circa mid '90s they had been supplying the majority of rims for bmw including the new X-laced rims for the r100GS/pd the R1100 GS,,,these rims were a stiffer alloy and were damn near perfectly tound not unlike their successors.... somehow BMW twisted Behrs arm and got them to start a rim building division,,,,and when you see what issues forth from that place one can tell they don't either care or like what they are doing.

the factory is situated in old east germany where much work gets outsourced because of the low wages still paid there,,, 3 times have i stood at it's entrance over the last 5 years trying to talk to somebody about improving /rectifying the anomalies that make for not round rims,,,all to no avail...i did learn a lot of other info that explains so much indifference to the rectification process...

if BWOE a x-laced wheel that many a customer had to buy because 'they must've bent it' at circa $1,300 a pop and BMW doesn't have someone to repair it,,,why would they need to get excited about that if they had less than $150 in a complete wheel wonder they find it easier to just warranty it ....the dilemna though is that often the warranty /replacement wheel assy may be just as bad or worse than the wheel you just handed in....

FYI,,in an effort to create distance from the bad rap/reputation the Behr rims were getting some marketing whiz sent in to clean up behr's act under the SAXESS brand... supposed to be better and stronger than excel...well thy did make a few rims for Kirsi out of 7000 series alloy and a few others for MX sizes when lo and behold they put the SAXESS label on behr rims sourced for the X-challenge series bmws...only to find out that it's the same pot metal like in your and the ktm rims.... ..someone over there is not genetically engineered for basic business smarts,,,in one swoop SAXESS = Behr standard issue butter alloy..that brand name has just been turned into untrustworthy strength equivalent to all the crap coming from china.

get this !!! ...complete front and rear wheel assemblies with discs /sprockets etc plus whatever color for circa $500,,i ache for all the poor suckers getting em...shredding /burning a $500 bill would have been more cost effective...

and even my beloved DID rims that i've built thousands of in years gone by came up with a trick mud shedding rim a few years back that sported a softer alloy and went down the tubes,,,they are trying a come back with the dirt-stars [same marketing idea as saxess/behr and excel/takasago],,still the ones we need are far heavier then need be...

just a little light for those that care to know what goes on behind the scenes...


same goes for the F800GS wheels,,those complete wheel assemblies probably cost less than $100 ,,,use the same rims as supplied to the ill fated KTM 950 and 640 adventures from '05 on,,bottom line they are too soft and too wide for off road use.

Now to the assertion made above about the superior 1100/1150/1200GS x-laced rims being superior...HOG-wash...they sport the same soft alloy used in your F800GS rims...what makes them hold up is the superiority of the X-laced wheel design,,, a design IMHO that actually locks the rim in place via great cross triangulation...and yes these rims can bend ..i fix more than enough of them every week,,and those rims can be straightened as well as yours too

your F800GS rims are relatively easy to straighten because of the soft alloy,,,we do that routinely for those that insist on spending little money,,,however is it a smart investment ????,,only if you are offing your bike or mainly stay on VERY smooth roads with your tire pumped up to 38-40psi

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