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Originally Posted by Adv Grifter
]Since you've had (and have) other BMW's you must know that many owners who are capable do most of their own work. I learned from my BMW dealer mechanic drinking buddies back in the late 80's to never, ever bring your bike in to a dealer. (even if my buddies are working)

I wish you all the luck with your bike and getting it back on track as a good Adv. Touring tool (without the heavy Baja type pounding perhaps?)

With the exception of a few oil changes here and there I've maintained my 12R fully for 60,000 miles. It's easy. I'm very mechanically inclined to say the least.
I have done the oil changes, and have had the valve cover apart trying to fix the oil leak while in the woods in the Yukon, but since I've had so many problems the bike has been at a lot of dealers in my travels, sometimes out of convenience they do the maintenance.

Gina's BMW in Iowa did my 24,000 mile service for example, along with a bunch of recall/warranty work.
I went way out of my way to go to a dealer with a stellar reputation for "the best" mechanics and service with all my problems.
I like Gina, and her people at the shop. I feel the treated me great, and truly cared for getting my problematic GS fixed. They did find the culprit to my oil leak two other dealers had missed and sent me on my way. The valve cover itself is not square and that's what's causing the leak.

Now with those nice things said, it wasn't but late that very night after leaving Gina's while doing a 900 mile high speed dash to Denver that the GS started to overheat, with all the lights flashing... and then the next day when on some jeep trails in the Rocky Mountains the transmission started slipping in first gear.
The story of my life with this GS goes on and on.

OH well, I'm just going to ride the dam thing since it cost me so much, is worth so little and hope for the best. It is fun to ride when I'm not thinking about it being a BMW.... We'll see later this week in Death Valley how good my luck is....

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