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It always interests me when I hear stories like ChiTown's.

I have had nothing but excellent service from my dealer and they've always stood behind my bikes.

Usually when I hear tales of woe like Joe's I chalk it up to the poster being a dick and getting his just deserts. However, I know Joe and that's not the case with him. He's just been screwed. Part of it I think was due to his bike being one of the first that failed so there was no precedent. Anyone who took a failed rear wheel bearing to a dealer today would be almost certain to have it covered under warranty.

I also think some folks have too high an expectation for their bikes. With modification, the 800GS can do just about anything. Stock they can still do a lot but not what some of us ask of them. I'm ok with that and expected it when I bought the bike. I was fully prepared to have to "improve" certain facets of the bike. The wheels should be the last thing for me to do...
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