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Originally Posted by ChiTown
Thanks Scott, though I am kind of a dick... just not to dealerships when in person.

I was among the first to report most of these problems so you're right, there's was no precedence set, and what you said makes sense.
Too bad for me, it sucks because I feel my hard work "contribution" with my RR Photo's and stories of the GS surly helped BMW GS sales. Only to be screwed around for pennies in the big picture by the company I've helped and given my business to for many years.

Potential customers reading mine and others comments, and seeing photo's of these failures and subsequent poor dealer/manufacture support might make a difference in sales considering the extremely high cost of a BMW... Is it worth it for BMW to save a buck here or there on bearings, or other cheap parts?

While we are in the minority with having problems with the 800GS, I'm not making it up, and if I was in the market for a "ultimate" adventure bike and read all of these negative stories it would make me look at other brands a little harder since I'm usually the one in ten to get the lemon - as we see here.

I'd imagine by 2011 or 2012 they will have the bugs and QC of their Chinese parts under better control and the 8GS will be a solid performer...
That's the part about your whole experience that frustrates me. You really have done so much to promote the "go everywhere, do everything" image of BMW on both bikes that I feel you deserve better treatment from the brand. Sort of like Pyndon with KTM, so many people have read this report and see what it's like to really travel on a BMW.

Maybe BMW NA is just not aware of you?

Even without that, I still feel that given the overall cost of things, BMW should have taken care of you. Goodwill goes a really long way in this day and age.

Bayner, the suspension is fine if you weigh ~175 or less. BMW just missed the spec when the figured the average weight of the American rider.
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