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Now there is no turning back

About three weeks ago I spent an obscene amount of money towards getting a new rally-ready WR450F

Actually its not rally ready yet. Its just a normal, brand new, blue Yamaha dirt bike, 2009 model, California plates. It needs plates because I will be testing it in the US and the government is anal about stuff like this (apparently). This bike is very lucky, because itīs going to be transformed into something every dirt bike wants to be.

Its the farkles used to make the bike race ready which is what really hurt my bank balance. Theyre made on very limited production lines run by a couple of small companies (mostly in Europe), which is why rally parts are so expensive: The market is simply not big enough to support mass production. I went for a JVO light kit as apposed to a full Dakar rally kit. There are few differences, apart from the USD 5,800 difference in price!

I wonīt have the two rear fuel tanks (total of 10l), nor will I have a lifted air box and re-molded seat. Iīll only be running off a narrow, front mounted tank, which should give me a max range of around 230-240km if there is not too much sand. You only need the long range tanks (total of at least 30l) for the Heroes and Dakar rallies. All I need for the Dos Sertoes is a max range of around 220km. Perhaps, if things go well I can upgrade the bike later.

The kit will include a full racing fairing, with built-in instruments. This is important, because it means the roadbook and ICO (odo) are higher up than it would be if they were mounted off the handlebars. It means I dont have to look down as far from the road when scanning the roadbook navigating while I ride. It doesnt seem like much but it is a huge safety feature, and could mean the difference between a bad crash and perhaps no crash.

Its all a little surreal, the reality has not sunk in yet because I have not even seen my new beast in the flesh yet. Here is a photo of her:

Im going for the kit done by mostly the same manufacturer (JVO), so it makes ordering the bulk of what I need a piece of cake. You can check the kit & prices out HERE in more detail (Spanish).

Basically it has the following:

1.- Plastic fuel tanks (2 front)Fuel capacity 20 liters total
2.- Vacuum-operated fuel pump
3.- Fuel filter
4.- Fuel petcock –
5.- Quick tank connectors
6.- Bracket for “ICO” odometer
7.- Bracket for Trip repeater
8.- Brackets for “GPS” “IRI-TRACK” and “CAP REPEATER”
9.- Electric fans – Manual and automatic switch
10.- Road book MD bracket
11.- Road Book and Ico control bracket
12.- Carbon/Kevlar front fenders (two levels)
13.- Carbon/Kevlar fairing
14.- Carbon/Kevlar engine guard with water tanks
15.- Carburettor kit
16.- Handlebar raisers – stand driving
17.- Front subframe (attached to the bike’s frame)
18.- Two part independent wiring harness kit (frame/top, with eight element fuse box, with fuse and navigation system connection)

Then on top of it (so far) I will be looking at

- Wider footpegs
- Remoulded seat
- HID Light (perhaps later)
- Scotts steering damper
- Redo the suspension (Trail Tricks in Calif.)
- Michelin desert tyres (with mousse)
- MD Road book (this is the best and most reliable in the market)
- ICO VRL Rally computer
- Foam rally grips
- Rear chain guide
- Engine case saver
- 15T front sprocket
- Air filter dust cover
- Exhaust muffler insert

This is what it is going to look like (apart from the final color and stickers probably):

Dreaming of Dakar
Everyone has a max speed, 90% of that max speed is much safer and easier, and if that 90% speed isn't fast enough at Dakar, you enter the snowball. - neduro

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