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Originally Posted by Bluebull2007

I wasnt going to do a thread like this (you guys intimidate the heck out of me), but Eatpasta conned me into starting a similar thread to his one: "A N00b goes Racing". Eatpasta mate, Ive got a lot to learn from you, your thread is awesome!
Im flattered to be mentioned in here - seeing as you're embarking on something MUCH more difficult than what I have attempted.

I guess ill have to start racing BAJA or something to save face.

did you say your bike is a California bike??
when you come to the USA, let me buy you a pint!! That would be great!

then we can start a thread called, "Two n00bs go to the bar"

As for advice, definitely get yourself some quality protective gear. Ballistic jersey, knee armor, good boots, even a neck brace if you can afford it. Im working on getting one of my own.

as for fitness the two major trouble spots of me are; my hands (grip) and my legs (quads).

After only a few miles my hands are so wear I can barely hang onto the handlebars - this is something Im still trying to improve.

And after two hours or so of hard riding my quads are completely trashed and at the end of my first race, I couldnt even stand on the pegs anymore.

The best thing to do, I believe, is to ride as much as possible. Because of my schedule and proximity to dirt - its simply impossible for me to be able to go ride even every weekend. If you can, ride several times a week!

im going to be watching with lots of curiosity!!

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I was SO high, I could have hunted duck with a rake
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MX stuff isn't my cup of tea, but falling down the side of a mountain is
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