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Originally Posted by eatpasta
did you say your bike is a California bike??
when you come to the USA, let me buy you a pint!! That would be great!

then we can start a thread called, "Two n00bs go to the bar"
Would love to have a beer with you (though Im not supposed to ). Im flying in and out of LAX transferring flights to and from Vegas on the 15th and 20th April. I only have 3 hours between transfers and I heard LAX is big so probably won´t be able to make it this time.

But if you can get your ass onto a plane and come to Lima, I´ll put you up for a few nights, take you desert riding on the spare bike and get you a pint

Originally Posted by eatpasta
As for advice, definitely get yourself some quality protective gear. Ballistic jersey, knee armor, good boots, even a neck brace if you can afford it. Im working on getting one of my own.
Yeppers, I got those; that Leatt neck brace is a life saver! One question though: I see these rally type riders all toting these fancy looking riding suits with built in camelbacks etc etc. Where to they get them and what do they wear underneath?

Originally Posted by eatpasta
as for fitness the two major trouble spots of me are; my hands (grip) and my legs (quads).

After only a few miles my hands are so wear I can barely hang onto the handlebars - this is something Im still trying to improve.

And after two hours or so of hard riding my quads are completely trashed and at the end of my first race, I couldnt even stand on the pegs anymore.

The best thing to do, I believe, is to ride as much as possible. Because of my schedule and proximity to dirt - its simply impossible for me to be able to go ride even every weekend. If you can, ride several times a week!

im going to be watching with lots of curiosity!!

I think you have it spot on. I try to ride three times per week, all in dunes and rocky desert with one ride being at least 6-12 hours. Its awesome having desert only 25 minutes from home!

Its also hairy because I have to do most of my riding solo except on Saturdays. Not many riding types out here want to get out during the week.

I find this helps my arms the most. What I have found helps is to take a 15 lbs weight and in the sitting position rest my lower arm along the length of my thigh with wrist overhanging my knee, palm facing upwards. Lift the weight vertically up using only your wrist. You can turn your wrist around and do it the other way. The trick is to keep your elbow down on your thigh at all times. Also practice on a climbing wall will really help your forearms.

I dont have any ideas on the quads, Ive been taking it easy because I popped a exterior knee ligament about two weeks ago trying to do a hillclimb. I have to slowly start again from scratch.
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