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Originally Posted by Nanuq
The mobil sythetic oil you are using-is it motorcycle specific or are you running a mobil 20-50 synthetic for automobiles?
I've been running regular Mobil 1 15W-50 automotive synthetic.

I've long been a subscriber to Motorcycle Consumer News. Over the ages they have done several tests on oils. They found that full synthetics out performed the pure dino oils. The results for full synthetics showed that after 3000 miles they performed as well as fresh out of the bottle dino, and at 6000 miles they out performed the dino with 3000 miles of use. They always selected Mobile 1 15W-50 as being the MCN best buy. They made this call based on Mobil 1 having more of the additives that were important for a motorcycle engine than any other brand of synthetic.

With their last full test they mentioned the oils with the new energy efficient ratings should not be used in a motorcycle engine. At the time of that last test I bought 4 cases of Mobil 1 from Wally World and I'm down to my last 8 bottles.
My understanding is the the 5W-50/15W-50/20W-50 are the only automotive oils that do not carry this rating. I'm thinking what my next bulk purchase will be, but more than likely I'll get another bulk buy of Mobil 1.
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