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Originally Posted by Oly
Check this out:

Those hills are riddled with dirt roads between J-1 and Little Panoche Rd.

Nice link Oly, in case you didn't see the maps provided by the BLM in the PDF I linked in the first post here they are as JPEG captures:

Panoche has a black n white line (improved gravel) but the rest in both areas that I believe the BLM considers open are green lines. Now when I was in there last there are dirt roads and well-established two-track going every-which-way, and there is little signage if any. My personal rule is no "overland" riding, and I respect signage and anywhere I am pretty sure I am not wanted (obvious private property, etc.), but I do explore dirt roads and I consider two-track if it looks well-used.

OK, other stuff: it looks like the ride will be Saturday April 3rd. I'm not sure there's enough riding for Sunday too, but we can work on things farther afield if there is interest for a half-day on Sunday.

I am going to try to stay at Mercey HS Friday and Saturday nights, but folks can roll in on Saturday morning for the ride, and split Satuirday after the ride if that suits their needs. Check with Mercey HS about leaving a rig in their parking lot for the day; they are pretty nice folks.
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