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Originally Posted by XTwarrior hard are forks to take apart and put together?

My weekend project will be doing the forks, adding the higher weight oil, new fork seals, and possibly a PVC preload piece if it will work. The problem is I have never pulled forks apart and not sure how to go about it
I did the seals on the XT550 I had many years ago. I don't recall any problems taking the forks apart, they are simple. If I remember correctly I had to make a "holder tool" (I hope I am not mixing up bikes). This holder tool was a bolt and a steel rod welded together. You need it when you loosen the bolt at the bottom of the fork.

Are you sure the seals are shot? If they are leaking you can often clean them, sometimes seals leak because of dirt, not wear. Unlike the modern forks, there are small screws at the bottom of the XT550's forks you can use to get the oil out... so oil replacement is dead easy.
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