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Originally Posted by XTwarrior
Was wondering, does everyone else's XT550 topend sound like it is being starved of oil all the time? I don't know how to describe it well, but my top end makes what seems to be the sound that poorly lubricated cams would make, minus any scratchy or squeaking sounds. I'd almost say knocking but I know my engine is jetted rich so it shouldn't be knocking, and the engine is stock minus a pipe and a jet kit. The noise doesn't get better or worse with warming up.

I'm worried maybe somehow a line is clogged or my oil pump could be bad? Can I test the oil pump in any way?
Yeah, mine does the same thing. There used to be a thread over at TT regarding an oil mod that fed more oil up to the cam, but I don't think it's around anymore. The oil that does make it up there is fed through a channel on the right side of the cylinder, maybe 1/4 inch OD, and some probably flings up and off the cam chain as well. To look at it, there should be plenty of oil to feed the top end. But apparantly there isn't. Most XT550's were jetted kind of lean from the factory, which doesn't help.
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