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People have been asking me about the details of the clutch recall, so here's what's on my record:

Dealer: BMW Mahattan.
Service Date: jan 9th 2010.
Serv Advisor: Rodney McIntosh

Service detail:

...clutch lever hard to pull in, bike walks when clutch disengaged, almost impossible to find neutral. Inspected Cable and found freeplay maxed out at lever adjuster and spine adjustment at cover. Inspected cable length, ok. Removed Clutch access cover and found tooth missing on pivot arm operates clutch plates. Searched bulletins and measures, found PUMA Measure US-22898888-02 ordered all necessary parts...

Parts Ordered:
Needle sleeve: T99L00N
Operating Shaft: T21500
Set of clutch Disks: T212A2
Release Bearing: T21500
Shaft Seal: T99DooTW
Gasket: T99D00TG
Clutch Rel. Fork Lever: T21500
Needle Sleeve: T99L00N

I believe the part with missing tooth was individual incidence, the cover and shaft is the recall. Good luck and hope this will help.
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