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Can't wait for the racks to ship!
Pretty much all the Givis seem to use the same plate. On the 1150GS you would add an adapter plate in order to position the case more to the rear.

The E189 is specifically for the 1150 but Givi makes a generic plate that can be bolted to anything. Like this E250

Originally Posted by toowheels
Bayner, you already were on the list ThirdCoast and ba I have put you on the list too. Please email me;

I just want to be sure there is no confusion over the Givi mounting.

I have a Givi E36 Monokey box that can be top or side mount. It uses the two post and one latch mechanism to lock on. This is what fits onto the MOD F800 GS Top Rack. It's not the typical Givi plastic top piece and associated top cases that fits on the rack.

I'm still trying to figure out exactly which other models fit on but so far it seems it's the E36/E45, E360, B36N, E52 and maybe the new TRK33N Alu./Plastic. So it seems like all MonoKey cases will work. It's difficult to tell as they don't show any of the actual mounting for their cases.

That's it for now...

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