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Originally Posted by Applejam
Fortunately, I've never had to change a tire in a motorbike before. Stupid pedal Roadbike seems to require it everytime I ride, which is not very often now that I have a fun motorbike. Oh....... and now that I'm old and lazy.

Should I pack soap in my case to help seal the bead? Thanks for the pics. I like the "Kong" next to the tire in the last pic. Was your buddy bored with that procedure and trying to tell you it's time for a ride in that sidecar?
soap or wd40 or even motor oil- but you gots to lube the bead! I hate changing tires and I am not very good at it. Steve at All Season Sports on 12th street is good, inexpensive and can balance it or rebuild a wheel if need be. I usually have him deal with my wheel and tire issues. I did this one as penance for venturing out without my kit!
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