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Originally Posted by mikem9
Eatpasta - great thread. Enjoy your insights and also learning about your Western desert style races. Let me ask you and the other desert guys this - in the front of the thread several guys were trashing your BRP as a bad choice. I thought the XR650 was the bike of choice for a lot of desert racers. At least a few years ago? Just curious. I had the pleasure to ride part of the Baja 1000 course a few years ago and the XR650's seemed to be the bike of choice there.

PS - I love the shot of your bike before one of your races and it still had the mirror. Did you leave it on for the race?
I'll take this one. The Baja 1000 and D37 Club races are two entirely different animals. Baja is long and fast, and you are racing on roads, however shitty they may be, they are roads that 4 wheeled vehicles are racing on as well. The BRP is well suited for those situations.

D37 on the other hand, are sprints by comparison. They range from 70 to 100 miles in length, and the second loops of most races are negotiable by motorcycles only, in other words the clubs tend to find the most heinous shit they can and send you through it. It's doable with the BRP, but there are better tools for the job. At this time, AJ is only required to do the fist loop, so he hasn't had to drag his 300 lb bike down a 8 or 10 foot rock waterfall... yet
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