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Originally Posted by Lindeberg
I just got a Zumo 660 and in a couple of days I will mount it to my 8GS. The power cable between the motorcycle battery and the GPS unit is too long.

What would be a good way to hide this long cable on the 650GS or 800GS? Any good ideas?

Maybe it is better to give the unit power from the BMW original power outlet to the left of the ignition key?
I've got the Zumo 660 and I wired it directly to the battery. If you do much off-road riding, you will get tired of the unit powering on and off every time you shut down the bike (unless you manually choose to switch to internal battery power each time). Turning the unit off and on also creates a new track, which may not be what you want either. There isn't any drawback of having the cradle "hot" all of the time that I've found.

The extra cabling that comes with the cradle is a PITA, but I just bundled it up with a couple of zip ties and stashed it behind the battery.
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