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Eh? The Porn Rulz

Grown men weeping, wailing, gnashing their teeth, sending flame mail to Baldy....

Terrorism? Security? Computer crashes? No. Penelope Cruz. Anna Kournikova. Thoroughly digusting images don't even want to know what some people have posted here.

Some ADVriders want nudie pics — and passionately. Some leave ADVrider in disgust because of them and never return, flaming me on the way out. It's the hottest recurring theme on the board.

ADVrider is incredibly open to free speech and has but one strictly enforced rule: no porn, no nudity. If she's topless, fuhgeddaboudit.

Q: But...but...but...Baldy! Hello?! Why?!
A: (1) Porn gets expensive fast; (2) Half our members want the site safe for surfing at work or among their families; (3) We learned in a hurry that any wiggle room in the nudity rulz meant incredibly foul and sometimes illegal pics appeared.

Q: Be specific. What's porn? A thin T-shirt? A camel toe?
A: Nudity. If it's see-thru enough, it's gone.

Q: Okay, fine, you old prude. So the worst that can happen is my post gets deleted if you find it?
B: Life's too short for me to spend it as the porn police, so the easiest thing for me to do is flip a bit so you can't access Jo Momma or the other forums.

Now go post incredibly erotic pics of naked bikes so we can all lust after them.

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