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Originally Posted by Surly
You didnt mention these but since I wanst sure if you looked at them...

They come in three sizes and three widths for each size
They go as narrow as 7.5inches (probably what I will get)
An optional "canyon cut" is also available, which I think is good if you are planning on falling down

Priced at 660
50 more for the canyon cut and 90 for your choice of powdercoat
I had looked at them a while back. Its a good price @ $358 for the basic boxes. Nice to options of smaller and lager sizes with or without bevel cut. Coating are a good idea if you don't have inner badges, gets very black inside with the bouncing around.

But at the end of the day it works out like this for me
Pair Teton 9x15x18 $382 (inc ship)
Zega Mounting system $130 (inc ship)
I'll have to measure and drill 36 holes (in the right places ) for the mounting system. I help a mate fit his new Zegas on his GSA. I was very impressed (and intimidated) by how accurately the mounting system fitted in the mounting bracket. I was tight enough that you had to push to pop it in and very firm once in. That seams like a really good thing on the back of a D/S Bike. A mm (.04" for the internationally challenged) eitherway and it would not be as good.
I get the Zega's at an additional $86 ($598) and the mounting is all done and has a guarantee.

That's how it works in my deranged world
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