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Animals at Chez Alice

think he looks cute?

Think again, this monkey is insane. He normally runs at me biting his paw.

Poor fella is tied up all day, think he wants to get in the trees. Poor thing is nuts.

The insane monkey at least has a play mate. He's shy though

unfortunately not shy enough. First time I saw him he scratched his arse, sniffed his fingers and then had a little nibble.

Q. ...and what could these cut little fellas do wrong?

A. shit on my tent!!!

Highlights from the dogs include a massive dump on the tarpaulin that got squashed between two layers. The next day I stood on one fresh one and it squelched up between my toes. The next night I crawled out of my mozzie net and knelt in one. The next day they left me alone thank goodness.

Unfortunately, I ate far too many chillis and drank too much beer and I shat my pants... twice . First was a fart that wasn't, and then later as stomach cramps woke me from my slumber I was far far too slow duck-waddling to the toilet. Just not fair!

Q. Can it get worse than dogs shitting on your tent and soiling yourself involuntarily?

A. Yes... bats
Hans informed me that tiny splash of water you're not sure you felt through the mosquito net was bats urinating on you. Excellent

Q. Can it get worse than dog shitting on your tent, soiling yourself, and bats urinating on your face?

A. Australians!!!

I think it had been a long time between meeting and insulting New Zealanders, so the typical barrage of half shouted Kiwi jokes began straight away. Oh dear god, Aussies with the volume button turned up to 11 - I had to go to bed. The next day with Trans-Tasman insults sorted, I found Billy and Trish to be good sorts and very experienced bikers. Was good luck meeting them. They have been there and done that and only too happy to tell you about it. We got a ton of travel tips and it was great to see the way Billy changed tires, finesse and technique over brute force. is offline   Reply With Quote