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We were cruising the 22 day Trail having a great ride & thought we would stop in Punta Prieta for a bite to eat it was about 11:30 A.M.,when we were so graciously met by Fang [our self imposed mascot]. A more pitiful mutt never lived. Immediately Berg warmed up to him, I was in fear of a dose of rabies or worse, you could almost see mites & ticks polevaulting off this poor excuse for a dog. After breakfast, outside we went for a smoke, a kind hand from Berg & he took to us and followed us across the Highway to the grocery store. We were in need of large quantities of agua. The fence around the store was there to slowdown theft I am sure, however we soon found out that Fang was not welcome inside that fence day or night. The dog recieved a verbal pummelling in spanish from the heavy set female proprietor. Out the gate he went back across the street & waited patiently for Berg to return for a photo session & sugar. The hounds in Mexico are an ugly bunch & poor Fang was no different. He was a gentle soul full of humility, probably wondering if his next human contact would be a pet or a hammer. I wonder how the Carna asada will taste after Fang passes?

Three Wyoming boy's ride Baja

I really enjoy reading all the ride report posted hear, but have been to lazy to write my own, until now. So here it goes.

Jwats, advjackass and I loaded the bikes and headed for the border.

The plan was simple drive to San Felipe ditch the truck at friend’s house and ride.

Joe (Jwats)

Jay (ADVjackass)


mascot ( Fang)

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