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my version of days 1, 2, 3. Berg you still have to finish.

i have posted this on cafehusky, but berg recomended i post it here as well.

after a long winter in jackson hole, wy. nothing says spring like our annual trip to Baja. this year there were only 3 that could make it and 3 different bikes. me on the 08 te 450, Berg Briggs on the 08 ktm 530, and joe wastabaugh on the 09 Husaberg 450. we drove tosan felipe and arrived on friday, a week before the 250. the plan is always the same, ride until we want to stop and try to ride new stuff.

Day 1

no photos, but we left a little late as some of the party enjoyed the tequila festival a little too much. we rode to gonzaga and i was amazed at how much the road had progressed in a year. the pavement will soon reach gonzaga and change that place forever, or at least until the next hurricane. the plan was to fuel up at the pemix there or at Coco's and then ride the no tracks trail and window rock trail into Bay of l.a. the pemix was out and so was coco so we were forced to slab it to the Bay of l.a. it got dark and we decided to camp for the night.

Day 2
about 3:00 a.m. it started raining and continued through morning. we found a break in the storm and broke camp and rode into the bay of l.a. for breakfast. joe on the Husaberg is using most likely the only Safari tank in the u.s. on his bike and was having a few issues with it leaking so we adressed those before heading on. as we were leaving the sun appeared. we were heading for san fransisquito for lunch via the green door or car door trail.

the trail was different as was all of baja i saw as the heavy rains and hurricanes changed the terrain. we made it to san fransisquito and had a wonderful and expensive lunch, topped off on fuel and the set out to ride something we had never done before, the hidden trail, or some call it the malcom smith trail. it heads due south and fallows the coast and then cuts back twards 1 about 15 miles south of san ignacio.

i am always amazed at how one can be in the middle of nowhere in baja and find a perfect slab of concrete. i got dark so we found a nice slab and set up camp.

Day 3

we woke early the next morning an continued on. we followed the beach for a while and came across a full whale skeleton.

the trail soon turned west in the direction of 1

we stopped for directions at a school

figured it out and headed for san ignacio. we had a late lunch and discussed our options. most years we like to stay for at least 2 weeks but Berg is making racks for wolfman luggage and we all had to pitch in to help him fill the orders and free up some time so we could do a ride. check out his website we had limited time and decided to cut out the bahia tortugus section as we wanted to try a trail that was suppose to be tough according to gaspipe. so we fueled up and headed out to the whale camps. we like kyuma, because the food is always good and the camping is cheap.

we try to travel as light as possible and every year we try to cut out what we do not need. i think i am about as small as i can get.

i forgot to mention the LTRacing suspension is spot on perfect for me!!!:applause::applause:

that is it for now, but more to come, including the husky almost burning to the ground!!!
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