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Originally Posted by Motoriley
Can't wait for the racks to ship!
Pretty much all the Givis seem to use the same plate. On the 1150GS you would add an adapter plate in order to position the case more to the rear.

The E189 is specifically for the 1150 but Givi makes a generic plate that can be bolted to anything. Like this E250

Thanks for the info on that Motoriley. The plastic mounting plates look different but on closer inspection they function the same.

Here is a pic (caution- poor phone pics as I broke my camera a week ago) of the finished MOD F800 GS Top Rack (Tail Rack). They turned out very well!

The price on them is going to be $119.99 CDN (No gpracer171 you didn't miss it as it still had to be fully figured out).

Just to go over the features again;

-two position fore and aft adjustment for solo or two-up riding

-RotoPax top mount, top mount with L bracket and side mount with L bracket. There is a rib welded underneath the rack that reinforces the Rotopax side mounting. Side mount is for 1 gallon fuel pack only! More on RotoPax below.

-Givi top box mount option. The two holes near the top that are "off on their own" are for the two Givi mount pegs. The latch block mounts into the rear centre slot. You just need to use larger washers to make the rear block work and washers to space up the two pegs. You may also want to run rubber pads to keep the box from "rattling". The E36 I put on didn't seem to need it as the contact points keep it under pressure.

-KISS top box mounting. Yup Keep It Simple Stupid. This was the last design change to the Top Rack. Two of the holes were changed to squares which enables you to run carriage bolts from underneath the rack and through two holes you can drill into virtually any box. For those of you who don't know carriage bolts have a square section under the button head at the base of the threads. Take a Pelican for example. Drill two holes using the rack as a template, get two carriage bolts of the right length, some washers and nuts and you are done! It's easy to get your hand underneath to feed in the bolts. This way you can afford to have multiple sizes of top boxes too for different occasions. We plan to make our own hardware kits for this later on to make it a tool free operation.

-The rack mounting slots are key holed so you can remove the Top Rack without removing the hardware completely. (Thanks Motoriley for that idea!) This enables you to swap around all of the configurations without fumbling around with the spacers and bolts. The stainless steel bolts are extra long to facilitate this. The spacers are CNC machined aluminium with a bit more shape than just straight cylinders...we couldn't help ourselves;

-Of course a full compliment of slots for strapping stuff on and the slots are lined up so that they are still accessible with the RotoPax flat on top.

-Black textured powder coat finish. Not as slippery as the smooth finish of the 2nd proto. and it hides marks, scuffs and scratches better.

Whew, I think that covers it.

The website will be updated shortly with all the pics of the different configurations but they can all be found on this thread too.

For the US customers wanting to buy RotoPax to go with the Top Rack go here;

They also run a ADVrider 10% discount, code; advrider. You have to not only put the items in your cart, but register as a new customer before the discount code will be accepted.
When we do start selling RotoPax we won't sell any to the US because there is no point. It's less expensive and less shipping time and $$ for you to go direct.
Once again the side mount is only for the 1 gal. You could put a 2 gal. on top or stack two 1 gal. as well. The 2 gal. is quite big and ugly for a moto.
The weight limit of the rack is 26 lbs. though so don't overdo it.

I think I have covered everything?
A big thanks to everyone for your input and positive response on this.

Shipping begins next week and there is a long waiting list so please be patient with us. We are a really small parts manufacturer.

The F800 GS V2 skid plate has also now been confirmed with Holan engine bars (and therefore Holan Pro's too). So the V2 skid plate fits;
Adventure-Spec, BMW, Givi, Hepco & Becker, Holan, SW-Motech, and Touratech confirmed so far.

We have also stared another run of both F800 GS V2 Skid Plates and Top Racks to try to keep up with demand.

Any questions please email me;

Thanks again!

Mods; this thread can be moved to Vendors as now both of these products are in production. Thanks for letting us get feedback on these.

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