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My first the snow!

Neduro thanks for all the info on how to ride enduros. I went to the Snow Run Enduro yesterday in CT. It was under Brand X rules so some things were different than you explained. The way Brand X works is if you come into a check late, that becomes your new minute. I guess this is to stop people from hammering on the road sections to catch back up to there minute.

I have to say that enduros are a blast. Unlike harescrambles where you ride as fast as you can for a couple hours you actually have to think a little and make sure to stay on your minute. The course was mostly snow covered trails, but there was the occasional dirt and paved road sections, some and watre holes, and some reallt rocky old stream beds. I rode the C Heavy class which was about 50 ground miles, about 15 less than the AA,A, and B classes.

I burned one check by a minute because I got impatient sitting on the side of the trail for 3 minutes, guess I should have waited one more minute. I hit a couple right on my minute but most of them I was late. It was fun to be blasting through the woods and come up on a reset, you didn't even need the route sheet because there would be a whole group of riders waiting on the side of the trail, stop, shut off your bike, take a drink and wait for your minute to come back up. I rolled into one check after a long woods section and was 16 minutes late. I thought to myself that I wasn't doing to well, but I kept riding as fast as I could and keep control in the snow. There was basically one line and if you got off line the bike would go wherever it wanted to. When I advanced my route sheet towards the end and saw the words "END C-SS-Masters-Women" I knew it was almost over. At that point I was way off of my minute so I cranked on the gas and headed for the last check. A total of 35 points for the day. That was good enough to get the C Highpoint trophy.

I will definately be doing the next one. It should be a little easier when there is no snow involved.

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