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couple of things ive learned
the throttle is your friend, learn how to use it.

i have crashed, i will crash again. there is nothing wrong with it, and doing it will remove the fear of it. i wear the gear so i can get back up. its part of riding off road,

i ride with people that are better than i am to learn, but if i fall behind its ok. i push it when i think its a good idea, and dont when its not. youve got to spend the time in the saddle to learn the difference, nothing will teach you more than time in the saddle. i ride ANY time i can for that reason.

AND.... the throttle is your friend, when you know how to use it
"The Marines i have seen around the world have:
the cleanest bodies, the filthyest minds,
the highest morale, and the lowest morals of any group of animals i have ever seen.
Thank god for the United States Marine Corps." eleanor roosevelt, 1945
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