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Originally Posted by Q500
A non-issue. The bike will not stall if set up correctly. Try to imagine a car with a auto stopped on a hill. Do you need to do anything to stop from rolling backwards? As long as its running the only thing that you have to do is give it some throttle. As a side note it cranks up the probability of wheelies 10 fold. It will make almost any bike highly wheelie prone. That is a huge plus in my book.

Claiming this is a "non issue" is like saying pregnacy is a non issue.

If you plan on riding some narly tracks you will find the Rekluse amazing, however a stall during the assent of a hill will mean that 200kg will pick up alot of momentum rolling backwards with the front brake able to do very little. To say your bike will never stall......well I dont live in that world.

Like someone else said if you arent planning anything but dirt roads you dont need one anyway and it would just be a waste of money.

I have replaced my clutch lever as an additional rear brake. You will never use your clutch again anyway. (not unless you plan on racing it) Rekluse make a kit for most dirt bikes but im not sure about 990s (i made my own). You will need to modify the ABS if you have it and you should do that regardless if your going to ride mainly dirt. I can tell you how to do it if your interested.

And Im not sure of the science behind easier wheelies, is that got anything to do with global warming or just the same scientist?

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