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Originally Posted by G600
XTwarrior, this is *VERY* interesting. How is the XZ550 shock different? Is it shorter? Any chance of pics??
Sure, Ill get some pics up, I'll be going back tomorrow and I'll take my camera. The XT Shock is wider and longer than the XZ shock, about 5 and 3/8" longer, and roughly .25" wider. We cut open the old XT shock (which smells terrible) and used the outter cylinder walls to slide the XZ shock into. The only thing we have to iron out is how to keep the extra joint from flexing and hitting the top of the carbs. He's thinking of tacking on a .25" plate steel piece to stabilize any up and down motions. Since I'm at work now I'm not sure how far he's gotten if he did anymore after I left.

The other nice thing is that the XZ shock is considerably stiffer and has pre-load adjustment which should workout great on the XT of mine with the purpose I have for it. So, the XZ shock isn't good for a bike that is going to see dirt unless you mod up a custom mount like we are
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