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Originally Posted by Artlocks
Today I finally got around to securing the neutral sending unit in my 2006 DR650. My sending unit screws were barely more than hand tight so it was a good thing I checked. Everything went well until I tightened one of the new replacement screws and the plastic sending unit broke. I was surprised because I did not put much pressure on it.
Upon examination I saw that the wire going into the unit went up and over the underside cylindrical part of the sending unit. This cylinder fits inside the cylinder hole in the case. There is no groove or hole or anything for the wire to go through, so it is just pinched between the sending unit cylinder and the cylinder hole in the case. This makes it impossible to tighten the screws! That is probably why the original screws weren't tight. In all the posts I read about securing the sending unit screws, I never saw this mentioned.

Q1. Is this normal for the wire to be pinched rather than have a groove or hole where it enters the plastic sending unit?

Did yours have a groove or hole or other provision so the wire was not pinched?
I wonder if mine had a manufacturing flaw.

Q2. I am thinking of not replacing the sending unit and living without the neutral indicator. Do I need to do anything other than seal the hole where the wire exits to the outside world?

Do I have to do anything with the little hole in the middle of the cylindrical hole in the case where the sending unit mounts, or the two sending unit mounting screw holes?
What does the other side look like?

Just remove it and plug the hole in the case where the wires come out. Don't worry about the hole made by removing the NSU itself.
Originally Posted by Artlocks
Q3. I have removed my sidestand switch. From the electrical diagram of the ignition system it looks like the CDI unit has 2 grounds. One is just a direct ground, but the other ground runs through either the side stand switch or the neutral switch when closed. I take it the neutral switch is inside the case and "activates" the sending unit. Since I will no longer have either switch, do I need to wire this point on the CDI unit directly to ground or will the bike start without it?

If so, where is the easiest or best place to ground it? At the junction of the diodes? Do I even need the diodes anymore?

Thanks in advance.
Easiest is...
The clutch switch is bypassed by joining the male/female bullet connectors inside the headlight bundle.
The stand switch is bypassed by cutting and joining the wires.
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