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We dump fluids and go out for a ride. Tranny is loud, in a grinding sort of way.
...better not ride that thing with that tranny in it...
...and of course your slingers could destroy your motor at any moment...
What happened to, " I think this would be a good bike for me...?"
Well, stuff like this happens to an old bike, it's to be should know that!
I suddenly realize that all my knowledge, fit's on the head of a pin. Or is that...I'm a pinhead when it comes to /2's.
Sam just happens to have a spare tranny in his closet at home. (Ohio)
May I?
Sure...we make the call and pull the tranny again. Dumping the tranny oil displays a riot of metallic bits and flakes, suspended in golden mead.
BUT! No time to cry in beer. We've got a motorcycle show to go to. AMCA Rhinebeck '08. Just up the road from me. You didn't think the boys rode all the way from Ohio just to bring me Jezebel?
It's my first meet...and my head goes explody!

Zircon keeps saying, "...You just gotta love these old black pieces of junk!..."

I like those other ones, I'm still up in the air about mine.....
54' R51/3, 65' R60/2, 68' R60US, 74' Moto Guzzi Eldorado, 95' Mystic
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