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Originally Posted by MotoFetcher
You don't even realize you have insulted your southern bretheren by insinuating our tag game is not good enough for you and starting another.

You have successfully moved from the yankee, to the damn yankee, and now to the WTF does that yankee think he's doing file for many of us.
And with little to no chance of recovery, I might add.

We have seen the results of your better way of doing things up north.
And believe me we want no part of it.

Apparently you don't either. Thats why you are here right?

Expect chaos and mayhem at every opportunity.

We southerners, will fight with each other like cats and dogs..........
until one of you yanks gets out of line. Then we will drop everything to
gang up on you.

Now let me officially welcome you here to NC, but please don't touch anything.

Good day

too funny.

Richard FROM NC
Richard Bryan | Clinton, NC
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