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Originally Posted by The Griz
Just talked to BMWNA Customer Service and the guy said they're not switching color schemes for 2010. He said he's gotten a few calls about this already and desn't know where it's coming from, because it's simply not true! Just internet forum rumor. Besides, these alternate color scheme pics are just horrible Photoshop jobs. You can plainly see the jagged pixel edges on the color transitions! LOL!

Everyone's so gullible!! If BMW was actually going to switch then they'd announce it and take some actual pictures of the real bikes with real paint on them. They wouldn't put out cheesy edited Photoshop pics!! LOL.
Originally Posted by The Griz

Sorry guys, I'll stop. I'll believe the new colors thing when I see them at dealerships or riding around though.
In the meantime I'll kill my MinnKota..........
It's so funny how The Griz suddenly stopped posting in this thread...isn't it?

Maybe it has something to do with shame or something I guess.

That being said, I do like (almost) every Photoshoping from OP. There's just the white/light blue that's too much on the girly side for my licking.

The all-black litterally rocks!
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