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day 1 (wensday)
ah, another noob valley ride report. i was slated to leave wensday, with very little clue as to what we would be riding. i zeroed out my odometer, warmed up the bike, and was off to la at 5 am to meet up with razr.

from razrs place, we took the 5 north to meet with windrat and regulator off parker dr.. i gassed up and we where in our way. first stop was angles nation forest, to cut threw to the desert. we found a cool single track trail riding threw, flowed really nice.

i think once we actually left angles, there was a hill to cross to get into the desert covered in rain ruts, and like i always do, i fallowed to close and ended up in one i didnt see and ate the bike right up. from the top, you could see all the desert.

once we got the the bottom, we discused what we wanted to do and what way we wanted to go, over a beer of course.

our call, flying down powerline roads. well, after a while, one of the road we took became whooped out 2 track, then down to single track. razr was doing pretty good loaded up and all, but soon he caught a rock or something, he swaped one way, then back, then face first into dirt. me and regulator were right behind him so we stoped. the guy jumps up saying "i cant see, i cant see" and is walking around, about to trip over his bike or a rock or at this point it could have been his own foot. this boy was clearly knock loose some. after a while, he seamed ok, but definally was looking at a head ache.

pretty soon, we reached the jawbone store and stoped for lunch.

after some lunch and some 24 ounce beers in 20 ounce cups, we road threw jawbone and some back road to kelso valley. quite a few times, i just wanted to make a hard right or left and try some of these gnarley hills. to clear my mind of that, at the next stop, i roosted a corner and the came back and got the guys, 2nd gear BoUnCiNg off the rev limiter (hope razr got a picture of this)

once threw the sand of jawbone, it was hard pack and fast to kelso valley. we road kelso valley road for a bit, and windrat found a nice little off shoot, this time it was regulators turn for a fall. he stood the bike stright up on the hill, then looped it to the left. he was fine, just swung the bike around, tryed bump starting it for a while, but after 20 mins all was good.

flowers seemed to be blooming here

after getting gas, it was off to chemney peak over towards 9 mile road for some sumo action.

a few miles in the back side of the road, windrat shows how he likes to get his bike to face the other way via throttle happy rider and bald 606.

before nine mile, we took a break at a dope camp ground we stoped at at warped.

now, only if i had a helmet cam, cus 9 mile road is a blast with a 250. guess only a picture can do for now though.

at the bottom of 9 mile, we found some auqaduct roads that we blasted for a while. really fun here cus it road along the sides of the hills.

at the end of the road, we hit our first gate, lucky for us it was open.

at this point we jumped on the freeway looking for our next road to pouch. few miles down, we find one and go for it. after a while, we could see workers ahead, so we slow down, cruise on by. this huge group of guys had about 3 crains, plenty of work trucks, a heilcopter and as we soon find out, sercuity. after passing the workers, i started to see twisted, downed power lines and towers. i was behind razr and some dude in a security truck blocks the road and throws on this lights, and jumps out the car. as we stop, i can hear the guy getting crazy before i can even shut the bike off. razr played it cool and the guy just asked us to hit the freeway, and by this time it was getting pretty late. we stopped just before the freeway, and i got lucky with a few shots (reg, your going to love these)

after our last break, it was slab out to lone pine. i normally dont take pictures while im riding, but when i do, some asshat has to do something funny in the back ground

once in lone pine, i had to take a picture of the sierras to prove to my bro i was there.

we freshened up and hit the pizza place across from our hotel. me and razr split a cheese and regulator and windrat split a mushroom and sausage. me and razr couldnt stop laughing at there choice of pizza. this was also my first time hitting a hotel at any point during a trip and boy was it great to do that, even if i slept on the floor. i knew i would feel nice and fresh the next day and ready to ride.
day 2 (thursday)
after a quick breakfast, we loaded the bike up.

after looking at my tripmeter, i realized yesterday was the longest day i have done yet. 359.9 miles, little more than 14 hours on the bike total.

after a few miles of slab, razr stoped up and said his gps showed tons of roads just the the east, so we followed them and found there cattle roads, and they where a blast.

the sierras where a great back drop to some great riding.

a few gates later we finished our trip to big pine with some slab. then off to death valley road and to the eureka dunes. this was my first time here and after seeing a national geographic show saying these are some of the tallest in north america, i beleve it.

once on the other side, what ff did we see, none other than riverrat, complete with cold pbr.

riverrat said more beer was at camp, so we didnt waste long to get going.

once at the warm springs, camp rat is nothing short of awesome.

the night was full of jim bean, tequila, jagermeister, and beer. after we soaked with the group for a bit, me and razr when in search of girls in another tub, and as we where walking back for the night, we found what we where looking for and soon turned back around and stayed a bit longer. at this point, im pretty sure everyone in our camp had a strong buzz going and we caled it a night sometime nearing 2.
day 3 (friday)
oh boy, with everyone passing me bottles the night before, i wasnt 100 percent, but i wasnt crap (yet). i just thought once i get on the bike i should be fine. once out of my tent, i realize my rain fly is 100 feet away in a bush, one of my straps for my rack is missing, and my camras lens has dirt in it now. oh wells, my bikes still good and im still want to ride. we left and for the most part the morning had consisted of fast roads, so i droped a right elbow and forgot about my hangover. well that worked untill i pinch flated in the middle of nowhere. by the time i finished the tire, windrat had doubled back to see what happened, and i was starting to feel like shat between the hangover and the heat. once again, just get on the bike and youll feel better, and of course it worked.

we ran into a group going to lippencott and stoped for a bit, but soon raced by hunter mt. and finally hit the last strech of highway to panamint. here we find out razrs radiator is dripping and his fan stoped working.

by night fall, we have those two problems fixed, but now the bike is pissing gas when the tank is turned on. we say fuck it and call it a night on the bike, grub up and socialize by the fire with some real noobs.
day 4 (saterday)
first thing in the morning, we started work on the bike. we tryed a few things, but it looked like he was going to have to tear the carb apart. i rode across the street to find the group for "windrats wildride". day started with a small jount down the road to some dirt road the goes cuts off some slab to ballarat. somehow, we lose 2 people. after figuring this out, windrat asks me to lead the group to ballarat and he'll meet up with us there as he was going to find out what happend. we would cancel the single track ride and do pleasant canyon and south park instead. as we get to the road i see a small trail directly across the street and one person in the ground had a map so we checked where it went, trying to stay on dirt. after a few minutes, we find it dead ends and decide just to take the way we where told. as we are folding the map, windrat finds us, with all the riders in tow. we flew down to ballarat, and once there took a break, chated, and actually added a rider to our group. a few mintues after we got there, razr and revkicker show up on there way to do goller mangel (sp?), razr fidning dirt in his carb from putting his tank down in the dirt. pleasant canyon was great, water coming down the trail, great traction, and soon snow on the side of the trail.

after a while, we hit my favorite part of the day, a testy little hill climb, and as you had to make a right, there was a good patch of snow. i had a lot of fun here.

once on top of the hill though, the view was well worth it.

we took a quick break at the view point, and just took in the moment.

this is when i found out the rider we added was dirtdiver, the kind man that brought the boca burgers for me razr, and rev. kicker

after we went down south park and checked out briggs cabin, few back on to panamint, with the group spliting into, one group doing as much dirt as possable, and our group finding a shorter, but still dirt route.

day 5 (sunday)

after not really finding anything about sunday rides, or anyone going home the way i was thinking, i determand a solo day was in store. this was a blessing and a curse all in one. i started with the road we finshed with the day before, and ran into windrat, regulator, and a few others, and decided to fallow them to trona, cus i didnt want to risk gas trying to find the escape route by my self. a gased up in trona, waved good by and i was on my way to the pinnicals. i had never found the place myself but i got lucky and did. i stoped there to eat a bite and take a few pictures.

from the pinnicals, i took the road out towards ransberg, and once in the open riding area, pointed south west and hit single track. this is when my day started getting iffy. after about 30 miles of single track and whoops, some how my sleeping bag worked its way into my tire and locked it up, destorying the bag. i fix the problem, strap the tent as hard as i can, swearing this couldnt move.

back on the trail hauling the mail, i head towards some hills that end up being spangler hills, somewhere i have herd a lot about. i was delighted to find hill climbs that where challanging but not killer, and even better than that i soon found single track that wound its way along the side of the hill, leaving only a 6 inch rutted trail. once i got done with that trail i turned south, hit a large hill and again my back tire locks up, but this time i hear metal and hope to god my motor just didnt go. well this time its the tent. after an hour of cutting it out, i keep going south towards kramer junction for gas.

once i see the 395, i jumped on it to make up some lost time do to the hour and a half i have lost alreadly. once in kramer, i feel like razr and have my thrid problem of the day, im leaking oil and it looks like a lot, but the sight says diffrent.

i pull it all part to get the countershaft off and check it, i seams ok, so i decide to ride and just keep checking it, lucky for me when i did that some guy offerd up some oil for me incase i need it later, i was super thankfull for that. i put the bike back together and got gas, as i was about to leave i see riceless and scoprion honking as they turn the corner, so i wave them down and ask for an expert advice. it was about that i had though, i thanked them and let them on there way. i wanted to ride more dirt but at this point it was clear i just need to get home, so i slabed it back home on the 395 to the 215 checking the oil every once in a while, crasy enough it didnt drop at all on the way home (about 120 miles from kramer). all and all it was a blast and probally the best dv trip i have done yet. 892 total on the trip.
the bike, the ride reports, and what ive riden this week:ymca, da cage?
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