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Them sure are some shiny bikes those guys have!!!
And the "brainworms" begin....little thoughts you can't get out of your head...
..a lot like "earworms", songs that pop into your head, and you can't get rid of ' Petula Clark, "To Sir, With Love".....the theme song to "Green Acres..." ...shit like that....
Do I need to dismantle the WHOLE bike to make it shiny like those?????
Should I change the bald ChenShings now or wait til winter????
Will my slingers finally pack it up and blow the left jug off, and sever my femur like that video I saw????
I decide to ride and study in preparation for the winter's inevitable teardown...Floyd Clymer's manual is as good a repair manual, as it is a source of fresh toilet paper...
I ride...4K.
Got wet, got hot, didn't get stranded, only came close a coupla times to nasty faceplants. I start to relax, and worry less about the bike blowing up, than stuffing it and myself into the back of that delivery van....(Carmel, NY). OHHHH!!!! That FRONT brake!!!!!!

I mount the Buco's that came with the black piece of junk...they were white fiberglass...and I discover, RATTLECAN MAGIC! That's MISTER Rustoleum to you buddy!!!!!

DAMN! Now I can carry BEER! How cool is that!
The first six pack I put in there, get's a punctured can, and I quickly realize that the Buco's, while NOT waterproof, WILL hold warm, frothy liquids...mixed together with Castrol 40W, an old roadmap, and the everpresent greasy rag, and you've got some tasty lookin' broth in there fella!

I also learn that it's simply not enough to LATCH the lids of the Buco's, one must LOCK the little thingies holding them in place.
The FIRST ride, down the crowded POS Arterial that bisects our beat up little town on the banks of the Hudson, and I hit a bump. The lid flips off. I hear THWACK...and turn to watch ALL the cages take aim at my one of a kind, unobtainium fiberglass classic Buco lids....
For once in their useless lives, ALL the cagers demonstrate an infallible sense of direction, directly across the top of the black THING in the road....
I retrieve the remains, replete in the knowledge that I too...can learn the ART OF FIBERGLASSING!!
Just a reminder, ride every chance you get. You just don't know how soon it can be taken from you. T.Low

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