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A suzuki fable.

A young boy (it's my story, dammit!) caves in and get a DR650SE. 2000 model, pretty good shape, "the Neutral light stopped working last fall".

It's home less than 5 minutes when he turns it on it's side and tears the cover off to rip the clutch out.

Problem # 1: The bolt next to the clutch cable mount. It's open to the elements on the back side of the threads.

(If this bolt comes out of your case intact, put some never seize on it while you still can.)

A few well placed curses and a stainless EZ-lok insert later, the young man returns his attention to the NSU. He looks for the screws that are supposed to be falling out. They aren't. Not very tight, but intact. Instead, he finds a bad solder joint:

The dude re-does the solder joint, and adds red loctite AND safety wire.

If the light stops working again, the guy will ride without worry after re-arranging some wires on the relay.

The moral of this story?

Sometimes a bad switch is just a bad switch.

(But at least now I'm not worried about it, I know what shape the clutch is in, and all the bolts are removable again.)

And then they lived happily ever after.

The End
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