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Originally Posted by Bill the Duck
I taped up the gaps between the tank and radiator and taped the turn signal mounts (which are actually quite whistle-shaped) and stuffed the ends of the crossbar mount (lower front), but the whistle persists. Looks like I'm gonna have to take the tank off and see what else looks whistley.
OK, taped up some of the other bits and stuffed rags into gaps around the beak. Geared up and took off down the street. No whistle! Stop and remove a bit of tape. Still gone. Repeat. Still gone. Remove a rag. Still gone. Remove another, it's back! Stuff back in just on one side of the gap, still whistling. Other side. Still whistling! Hmmm... OK, back on both sides. No whistle. Hmmmmmm......Aha! The middle! Rag stuffed in just the middle fucking whistle!!!

Right behind the beak under the lights is a hollow structural member with the open bit facing forward. Rag's still in there. I'll need to find a more elegant and washable solution.

Or not.
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